Digital Transformation Is Hitting Everywhere

    • Technology has become a common key success factors for all industries, If we do not adapt quickly we will be out of business.
    • PropTech is a word blend of Property and Technology. It is a recent word used to identify all technological innovations that serves the real estate market.
    • PropTech is the use of technology to connect and engage all stakeholders of the real estate market (Investors, Developers, Contractors, Supply Chain Vendors, Agents, Banks, Leasing Companies, Mortgage Companies, Landlords and Tenants). It streamlines planning, and operation to increase efficiency, and maximize return on investment.
    • Automating the Financial Planning and Modeling is very crucial to ensure the optimum return on investment.

One Day Financial Planning

    • REVERO (Real Estate Vero Planner) is an online Financial Planning tool for Real Estate Developers. It helps investors and developers through the assessment and planning stage. It also extends help during the execution stage.
    • Vero is an Italian word which is a synonym of the word perfect. Vero Planner is meant to be an online tool that guides real estate developers to do perfect financial plans.
    • REVERO is a smart comprehensive Financial Planning Tool.
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It's Time To Change Your Way Of Thinking

Develop Your Financial Feasibility Study

For any Real Estate Project Regardless Of The Size And Complexity


Multiple Modes

You can develop your plan in different approaches. You can create a detailed plan by Units, defining each unit specifications. You can also do it on a Property level or a higher level of planning based on the total Saleable Area.


Multiple Scenarios

You can develop multiple plans for a single project and compare them to decide on the best alternative.


Multiple Phases

It supports single or multiple phases projects, where each phase can be planned in a different mode.


Property Bank

You can create common database of your different units, and properties, that can be used in any of your projects.


Construction Bank

You can create a database for all your construction activities and costing, in order to use them in any future project.


Payment Plans

You can create multiple payment plans with different scenarios that matches the market requirements


Collection Plans

You can identify multiple collection plans to match your business requirements.


Costing Adjustment Factors

You can link your costing structure to any of the following variables (Exchange Rates, Steel Price, Cement Price). This allows you to update the full study if any changes happen to one of the costing pillars.


Land Module

This gives multiple options in calculating the land cost. You can plan it based on cash payment, installments, against units, or as a percentage of project's sales. You can also do a hybrid payment plan which include cash, installment, units and sales percentage.